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EcoVid Materials; Protecting Nature's Future

We are Greener Polymers

Our materials are green, compostable, naturally biodegradable, and friendly for the environment with very low carbon footprint and could be used in most common manufacturing applications where conventional plastics are used. We have blends for ambient and high temperature applications that could be injected molded, thermoformed or extruded; these materials are ideal for single use disposables such as cutlery, hot cups, food trays, soup bowls with a highly competitive price. Our additives, improve the physical and mechanical properties of common bio-plastics in the market today.

Applications of our Materials

Injection molding

Composites for a variety of applications such as single use disposable dinnerware, golf tees, disposable razors, disposable tooth brush, plant pots, protective corners, Coat hangers, tags, signage etc.

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We have available both ambiance and high temperature blends of materials that will be ideal for high temperature cups, food packaging, trays, box inserts, small containers.

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For tile moldings, construction moldings, straws, Agricultural tube tree protectors, etc.

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