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Greener Polymers is announcing its contribution as an active partner in BIPESCO (Biological Pest Control of Insect Pests that Threaten Tree Health) program, launched in March 2014.

  • The BIPESCO program, commencing in 2014 to 2017, takes place under the leadership of Swansea University in UK with a grant from the   European Community.
  • The program is the Scientific and commercially viable response to the European Community legislation (e.g. Directive 128/2009EC), mandating member States withdrawal of 67% of current pesticides currently used in Agricultural and Forestry.
  • Addresses public concerns regarding the risks posed by chemical pesticides to human health and the environment  and Increasing reports of resistance developing in pest populations.

Greener Polymers will be the supplier of all compostable Biomaterials to be used in trials and further global commercialization of all the Biochemistry being developed by BIPESCO for Forestry & Agricultural applications.

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